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2023 Schedule

This year's Gogec conference lasts 3 days. Everything is virtual. The events were scheduled to accommodate as many time zones as we could. Most, but not all of the events will be recorded and posted to youtube after the conference. The links to the events should be emailed out to the email that was put in the registration form. If you need help or have questions, feel free to ask in the discord chat. 

8:30am CT
3:30pm CET
8:00pm IST

Opening Address

9:00am CT
4:00pm CET
8:30pm IST

The Future of Synthetic Biology Panel

10:30am CT
5:30pm CET
10:00pm IST

11:30am CT
6:30pm CET
11:00pm IST

12:00pm CT
7:00pm CET
11:30pm IST

1:00pm CT
8:00pm CET
12:30am IST

2:00pm CT
9:00pm CET
1:30am IST

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