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Projects must be related to synthetic biology in some way, but do not necessarily need to have in-lab wetwork completed, entirely computational, mechanical  or software-based projects are also accepted. 

Teams compete in one of three categories: experimental, computational or proposal. The proposal category is for teams that have planned out a project but either didn't have the time or resources to carry out the project. 

All project work that is presented at Gogec should have been completed in the year prior to a team's registration. 

Teams must follow the Biosafety and Biosecurity guidelines and submit all related forms at the same time as other required materials.

All relevant files, including DNA sequences and code must be uploaded in a format that makes them available for the judges to review.

The deadline for the submission of required materials is
January 20th 2023 at 11:59 PM UTC.
You can find past examples of project on the
archive tab

4 Required Components

A Visual Abstract

A collection of figures that illustrates your project. Your visual abstract should have a clear meaning at a glance so you can draw in the attention of people who might be interested in your project

size: 4:3 aspect ratio (ex: 1280 by 960 px)

We are also asking that you submit a project description (250-400 characters) alongside your visual abstract. They will be displayed side by side on the website. 

A Video Presentation

The video will be the main presentation portion of the project and will be hosted publicly on Youtube with a link on this website.

You should provide a full, in-depth explanation of what your project goal is, along with its significance, what you were able to accomplish, and what methods you used to accomplish it. Your video should be 15-25 minutes long, and no longer than 30 minutes maximum.

Virtual Poster session + Q&A w/ Judges

This gives your team the opportunity to talk with other teams and judges and answer questions about your project. Please be prepared to explain why you made any decisions you made over the course of your project

Note that you will not be presenting a traditional poster, but you will discuss your project live with judges, other teams, and visitors. It's recommended that you have slides prepared for this, but the format is open-ended

A Written Report

A written report similar in structure to a tradition research paper
(10 page maximum) including:

An introduction: Provides background and context as to why your project is valuable

A materials and methods section: Explains the techniques utilized

A results section: Presents any data and results obtained

A conclusion: Provides analysis of the data and the implications of the results

Proposal teams should include explanations of what their expected results will be, including the type of data they would plan to collect and how they would analyze and interpret that data to support any conclusion they may draw
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