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Rules for Biosafety and Security

These rules apply to every team that submits a project involving biological experiments

Teams participating in Gogec must follow all relevant international, regional, and local rules, regulations and policies on biosafety and biosecurity

All participating teams must be associated with an accredited research institution and/or university

A representative for the associated research institution/university (usually a PI and/or instructor) has to sign a form declaring that they have ensured that the project has been carried out according to the local biosafety rules and guidelines of the research institution/university

Teams are only allowed to work with risk-group 1 organisms, and they are not allowed to work with any parts or methods listed on our biosafety blacklist

Animal testing is currently not allowed at the Gogec competition

Teams are not allowed to release their project outside of the laboratory (including putting them in people) at any time during the competition

Projects will be evaluated, in part, on the basis of how well the team demonstrates their ability to evaluate and address issues of biological safety within their respective projects

All teams must fill out the Gogec Biosafety and Biosecurity Form in order to be allowed to participate in the competition

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