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Alicia Selvera

Web Development and Graphic Design

University of Pennsylvania, USA

I joined Gogec because I believe registration fees shouldn't be a barrier to students conducting and presenting their research. I am starting medical school and have hopes of continuing to conduct SynBio research 

LiChieh no background.png

Li Chieh Lu

Founder, Recruiting and Biosecurity 

I hope that Gogec can help increase accessibility to synthetic biology research and science for students around the world. I am PhD student in Biochemistry & Cell Biology and am a lover of science memes

Rice University, USA
Raised in Taiwan

José Antonio Alonso no background.png

Pepe Alonso

Planning and Research Integrity

National University of Mexico, Mexico

I joined Gogec because of its openness. I've lectured about bioethics and social issues of SynBio. I am currently finishing a PhD in Social Studies of Science.

Evangelos (-Marios) Nikolados no background.png

Evangelos-Marios Nikolados

Sponsorship, Outreach, Computation

I am a PhD student at the university of Edinburgh, focusing on AI-enabled synthetic biology. I believe in Gogec's mission as a truly inclusive, no fees competition for synthetic biology.

University of Edinburgh, Greece

Alex Ditzel-nobackground.png

Alex Ditzel

Founder, Planning, Judging, Website

Rice University, USA

I think Gogec can help make synbio accessible to all student researchers. Currently, I'm a PhD candidate studying biochemistry and synthetic biology. I'm also interested in topics like geopolitics, artificial intelligence, and psychology!

Caleigh Roleck - transparent.png

Caleigh Roleck

Judging, Biosecurity, and Research Integrity

I joined Gogec because, as an undergraduate, I found meeting peers with similar academic interests and sharing our science a rewarding part of the process. Gogec's accessibility helps remove some of the barriers to meeting other scientists from across the globe.

Rice University, USA

Philip Hau Sorensen - transparent.png

Philip Hau Sorensen

Judging, Biosafety and Biosecurity


The pandemic has shown that it's possible to connect scientists online to share open solutions to problems in life sciences and SynBio. I want to ensure that the free and open sharing of data is continued, even after the pandemic.

Shyam Bhakta - transparent.png

Shyam Bhakta

Planning, Judging

Rice University, USA

Presenting work at an academic conference shouldn't and doesn't require the majority of a project's budget. Yet this is the unreasonable and inequitable reality for many SynBio students and their labs around the world, which motivated me to help form Gogec.

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