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Gogec Conference
will take place in


Our Vision

Gogec allows students to present their work and meet other synthetic biology students around the world without having to worry about registration fees.


Gogec is not exclusive and participation in other similar events is encouraged.

There is no entrance fee, so teams can focus on what really matters, their research.


Projects can include any sort of synthetic biology work including engineering organisms, purely computational or software work, or building non-biological devices with biological applications.

As an entirely virtual conference
Gogec removes travel fees 
and makes it easy for people all over the world to participate


How to compete 

 - in 4 steps



Do awesome

syn bio research


Submit visual abstract, video,

and written report


Show off your project at the

virtual conference

1st Place prize is an OT-2 robot!


Sponsored by Opentrons

*Only teams competing with an experimental project are eligible for the OT-2

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